Contactless Payments PL – 2012

The Contactless Payments in Poland - 2012.
Market development – NFC technology – Prospects.

research report, November 2012

The report concerns the latest state of the Polish contactless payment market and mobile NFC payments. It is based on surveys carried out among all banks issuing contactless payment instruments, acquirers that operate contactless payments as well mobile operators on the Polish market.
Since 2011 in Poland was noticed a rapid increase in the number of contactless transactions concluded by customers. A significant penetration of cards and contactless POS terminals in Poland was achieved, enabling the practical use of the advantages of new technology, which are primarily convenience and speed of the transaction. These features allow the contactless cards to compete with cash payments, also in the area of low-value transactions. From this moment banking sector begins to gain profits from the investments in the development of contactless technology.
In 2012, one can observe new stage in the development of contactless payments on the Polish market, which was the long-awaited commercial deployment of mobile NFC payments. Thanks to this, Poland once again achieved the status of a European leader in the field of mobile payment innovation.

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The Report:

  • Is 51 pages long (a two-column text),
  • contains 40 charts and figures,
  • presents interviews with 22 experts,
  • presents data concerning the number of contactless cards and terminals as well as the number and value of contactless transactions in Poland as for 2011 and I half of the 2012,
  • is based on survey. Replies were received from 23 banks (that hold 99% of all contactless cards issued in Poland), 9 acquirers representing 99% of the entire Polish contactless POS terminals network, as well as 2 mobile network operators,
  • respondents answered a series of questions about factors influencing the development of the market, i.e. the activity of customers, development of acceptance network and the future of the mobile NFC payments,
  • report contains forecasts for the market development.


The following companies partcipated in the Report:
Alior Bank SA, Bank BPH SA, Bank DnB NORD Polska SA, Bank Gospodarki Żywnościowej SA, Bank Millennium SA, Bank Pekao SA, Bank Pocztowy SA, Bank Zachodni WBK SA, BRE Bank SA, Centrum Rozliczeń Elektronicznych Polskie ePłatności SA, Citi Handlowy (Bank Handlowy w Warszawie SA), Credit Agricole Bank Polska SA, Deutsche Bank PBC SA, Elavon Financial Services Limited Oddział w Polsce, eService SA, Euro Bank SA, First Data Polska SA, Getin Noble Bank SA, Ikano bank GmbH (Sp. z o.o.), ING Bank Śląski SA, Inteligo Financial Services SA, INVEST-BANK SA, IT Card Centrum Technologii Płatniczych SA, MasterCard Europe, Nordea Bank Polska SA, Oberthur Technologies Poland, PayTel SA, PKO Bank Polski SA, Polbank EFG SA, Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa SA (T-Mobile), Polska Telefonia Komórkowa Centertel Sp. z o.o. (Orange), Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA, SIX Payment Services Europe SA, Sygma Banque Société Anonyme SA Oddział w Polsce, Visa Europe.


The Report is addressed to:

  • commercial and cooperative banks,
  • acquirers and card organisations,
  • supermarkets and other retail chains,
  • academic centres,
  • public transport companies and local governments.


Report price:

The Report is sold on the basis of three licence types:

  • Single User Licence - This licence permits 1 user to access to the Report - price 500 EUR net *
  • Institutional licence - This licence permits 20 users from the purchasing institution to access to the Report - price 1 000 EUR net *
  • Partner licence - This licence permits 50 users from the purchasing institution and a total of 100 users representing its partners (a maximum of 50 entities) to access to the Report - price is negotiable.

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