Payment market Poland – 2017

The Polish retail payment market.
Acceptance coverage - Transactions value - Opportunities for innovation

Research report, November 2017
Author: dr hab. Michał Polasik
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- 425 slides,
- 252 graphs, 
- detailed statistical data on the acceptance network, volumes and values of transactions per instrument,
- a description of physical sales, e-commerce, billpayments and administration


The main objective of the project is a comprehensive study of the state of the Polish retail payments market and the potential for its development.

Specific objectives:

  • Determining the range of acceptance of payment cards and other payment methods in individual segments of the retail market: physical sales, e-commerce, bill payments and payments to public administration.
  • Estimating the share of cash, payment cards and other methods in the number of transactions and turnover value in individual segments of the retail market in Poland.
  • Estimating market gaps in payment card acceptance according to the structure of entities and sales desks they own.
  • Identifying stimulants and barriers for merchants’ acceptance of payment cards.
  • Determining market segments with the highest potential for introducing payment innovations.
  • A comprehensive presentation of the state of the retail payments market in Poland.
  • Developing guidelines for strategies for offering payment cards and innovations.

Research methodology

  • Cross-sectional research sample from across Poland
  • This report is based primarily on the results of a comprehensive survey study designed by POLASIK Research and carried out by KANTAR TNS, a research agency.
  • The study is based on a representative nationwide quota random sample of 1631 entities from all of Poland.
  • Sampling was divided into 22 sectors and levels of employment in the following ranges: less then 10 employees, 10–49 employees, 50–249 employees, and 250+ employees.
  • The sample distribution according to city size and location (region and voivodeship) was consistent with the distribution for the population of studied types of entities according to the data provided by the Central Statistical Office of Poland.
  • The sample was weighted to the structure of the general population; hence, the results could be inferred for the whole sector of retail trade in services in Poland.


Scope of the study

  • The study covers all major types of transactions conducted on the retail payments market, i.e., consumer-to-business and citizen-to-government payment transactions.
  • Physical sales – entities dealing in the sale of products and services via physical distribution channels, i.e., shops, kiosks, service outlets, salons, workshops, restaurants, hotels, sales in vehicles and through sales representatives, etc.;
  • E-commerce – entities dealing in sales via electronic distribution channels, such as: online shops, online auctions, mobile applications, group purchases and sales platforms (e.g., Google Play, App Store);
  • Bills – entities issuing bills to customers (usually on a regular basis, based on a contract, due on a given date), including mass creditors;
  • Administration – units of public administration, both local and central, receiving the payment of taxes, fees and other public-law liabilities of citizens.


The raport is addressed to:

  • commercial and cooperative banks,
  • acquirers and card organisations,
  • mobile and online payment systems,
  • operators,retail chains,
  • research centres,
  • public bodies and payment services sector stakeholders.



The price:

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Part C. E-commerce1 250 EUR net*
Part D. Bill payments1 000 EUR net*
Part E. Payments to public administration1 000 EUR net*
Part F. Gaps in payment card acceptance1 750 EUR net*
Full report – Part A - F7 250 EUR net*
Full report - PREMIUM package [2 hours of presentation + workshops at the client's office, 6 hours of additional analyzes ore tele-consultations]9 500 EUR net*
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