Reports and analyses Market research Consulting

Reports and analyses

POLASIK Research can prepare a range of publications and reports, including:

  • reports and analyses commissioned by the client
  • thematic and cross-sectional studies available in online sales
  • periodic reports concerning market and product development

Our reports are targeted at clients such as

  • commercial and cooperative banks,
  • acquierers and card organizations,
  • supermarkets and other retail chains,
  • academic centres,
  • public transport companies,
  • local governments.

Market research

If you are planning to conduct market research, we encourage you to benefit from our expert support and research results interpretation.


The research can have the form of:

  • qualitative and quantitative studies,
  • traditional, telephone, and online surveys,
  • retail and corporate clients market analyses, simulations, and focus or expert studies.

Market research support includes

  • We develop study questionnaires and supervise the whole course of the study.
  • We collect source data (usually in the form of interviews) within the framework of field studies or on the Internet. For this purpose, we select a public opinion research firm and negotiate the rules and principles for cooperation with them.
  • We control the quality of research results and interpret them comprehensively.
  • We deliver research results in the form of a presentation and/ or report for the entity that ordered the study.
  • We use research results to propose recommendations and/ or a strategy.
  • We promote research results in the media.



POLASIK Research offers comprehensive consulting on:

  • electronic banking and online banking services,
  • card, mobile, and online payment systems,
  • building Internet communities in the field of finance through Web 2.0.

You can benefit from the wide knowledge and experience of our analysts who are willing to solve the tasks set by you and provide answers to your questions.